Recreational Gymnastics

Ages 5 and up

Sports Academy Gymnastics offers a range of recreational gymnastics classes from Beginner to Advanced.  Classes focus on improving strength, flexibility and coordination on the Floor, Beam, Vault and Bars.  Classes also make use of a foam pit, trampoline and tumble track.

Classes Available

Beginner: Gymnastics I  (ages 5-6)  Gymnastics II (ages 7-8  Gymnastics III  (ages 9+) Working on USAG Level 1 skills.  This class is for gymnasts age 5.5  and up who are just starting gymnastics or just moving up from preschool gymnastics.  Students will begin to learn the fundamentals of gymnastics on all four WA pieces (floor, bars, beam and vault). Basic skills and progressions are introduced on each gymnastics apparatus.  Tumbling and trampoline create a strong foundation – balance beam, bars & vault increase strength and flexibility – all activities combine to create an all-around gymnastics experience.  Advancement into Intermediate by Instructor recommendation when all USAG Level 1 skills have been attained.  

Intermediate  Working on USAG Level 2 skills.  This class is for kids who have had at least a year of formal gymnastics training AND/OR posses the ability to work on harder level skills.  This class would general finish with acceptance on to pre-team OR in our advanced class for children that do no wish to compete upon completion of Level 2 skills.  We will continue to develop skills on all 4 WA pieces (Floor, Bars, Beam and Vault) as well as trampoline and tumble track. 

Advanced Working at USAG Level 3 and above.   During class focus will be on learning more advanced moves on the floor, beam, bars and vault as well as trampoline and tumble track. Enrolment by request and recommendation by instructor.