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Our current competitive team - The Sparklers - is by invitation only.  It is made up of Level 3, Level 4 and Level 5 Junior Olympic gymnasts.  Our Team Gymnasts compete in a wide range of competitions starting in September and ending in December. Team Gymnasts attend a Sparklers Summer Camp in June to kick off the next competition year. Our Super Ks Pre Team is by invitation only. These Level 2 gymnasts are working on their skills to be ready to compete at Level 3 the following year.

Junior Olympic USAG Compulsory level gymnasts perform pre-designed routines designating specific movements required of all gymnasts.  Each level has its own routine and each gymnast performs the same exact routine to the same exact music.  Levels 1-5 are compulsory.  

Junior Olympic USAG Optional level gymnasts perform personally-designed routines which show the gymnast to the best advantage.  In this case, girls would choose their own music.  Each gymnast must include in his/her routine specified skills according to the skill level he/she is competing.  Levels 7-10 are optional levels.  

USAG Xcel is  a unique program that meets the needs of many gymnasts by providing a team atmosphere and competition experience without the strenuous commitment of time and finances of the Junior Olympic program.  The optional nature of the program also allows gymnasts to develop original routines that fit their own talents and personalities.  Xcel has levels Bronze-Diamond Levels.

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