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Ages 7+

SAG is offering coed tumbling classes for students who are simply interested in tumbling and trampoline aspects of the sport. These classes are often perfect for dancers, cheerleaders, martial artists, divers, or other athletes who are looking for a cross training experience. This is a 55-minute class that focuses on the basics of tumbling including forward and backward roll variants, cartwheel variants, handstands, and introduces the skills and drills necessary to learn round offs, back handsprings, front flips and connected tumbling along with jumps and leaps.

Wanna take your cheerleading skills to the next level or just love to tumble? Are you trying to get your back handspring before try outs?  Let Sports Academy improve your skills to be superior to the rest of the competition!   Gymnastics skills develop attributes that are perfect stepping stones for other sports and activities while benefiting general health: flexibility, balance, strength, and agility. We strive to provide your child a fun and structured environment with a focus on hard work and giving it “your all.”

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