Sports Academy is happy to announce the upgrade to a fully integrated and online payment system to make it easy for parents to pay their student's fees each month.  We have several ways to pay - In the club we accept cash and checks. If there is nobody at the desk cash (in a marked envelope) and check can be left in the secured lock box which is on the wall to the right of the kitchen window. If a friend or family member wishes to contribute and make a payment we can authorize them to access your parent portal.

Fees are posted monthly on the 1st and are calculated on an Annual Basis understanding that some months have more or less weeks than others. This includes months where we are closed for holidays like Christmas. We do not prorate tuition for short months and we do not charge more for months that have more than 4 weeks. We will prorate tuition for those students starting or leaving mid month.  Our Tuition posts on the 1st of each month and is due in full by the 5th unless auto billing is set up on the 1st or 15th of the month.  Tuition that is not paid by the 5th will incur a $10 late fee. Students will be dropped from their class if fees aren't paid by the end of the month.

We have 3 enrollment periods a year:  Fall / Spring / Summer  When enrolling you are paying to have your child's space held in the class for the entire session. We do offer early release mid session for the following reasons: Move to more than 20 miles away, injury or prolonged illness with doctor's note, change in financial circumstance (loss of job).  Where applicable under these circumstances we require 30 days notice to remove them from the class.  Any tuition posted during this time will still be due.

Current Pricelist

Mommy & Me $45 per month

Preschool $65 per month + $60 Annual Registration*

Beginner/Developmental Gymnastics $65 per month + $60 Annual Registration*

Intermediate Gymnastics $65 per month + $60 Annual Registration*

Advanced Gymnastics $90 per month + $60 Annual Registration*

Super K (Pre Team) $140 per month + $60 Annual Registration*

Gym Warriors $65 per month + $60 Annual Registration*

Cheer Tumbling $65 per month +$60 Annual Registration**

* $60 registration covers annual insurance and admin costs. 

** $25 discounted registration fee is for students currently attending Beaufort HS 


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